Thank you for using Linkify.Bio!

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you Linkify.Bio is not currently supported and will be discontineud in the next few months.

Hi; I'm Kelvin Graddick. I developed Linkify.Bio back in 2017 when I needed a much prettier/better option for a landing page from my social media accounts.
I think I succeeded in making Linkify.Bio easy to setup/use (no need to enter email), free, and that looked great for your links.

As the next few years rolled by my time went to other projects leaving this service to fail behind the other options. Once Facebook shut down support for "login with Instagram" in June 2020, it makes this service harder to use.

Since I cannot support this service anymore and make it valuable for users, I've decided to shut it down in the next few months.
Please use other great, well-supported options like LinkTree and Later.

As always, thank you for using this service and for the support!

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